SportSG Presenters’Official Kits

So Gary had this whacky thought of us getting the latest Team Singapore Denizen jerseys and to customise them with our names and numbers on it to make it our uniform. And I loved the idea!

Gary mentioned this particular pose is very similar to the statues of ‘The Holy Trinity’that stands outside Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams.

Not to leave out our new found talent Kerstin, all three of us made a couple of trips to Peninsula to get our kits done. And so, after collecting it today, we decided its time to flaunt it with our very own photoshoot! HAHA.

Special thanks to Simin, who of course specialises in taking artistic photos, and who kindly agreed to help us with this camwhoring endeavour.

Don’t forget to catch Gary Yang, Kerstin Ong, and myself in our upcoming Facebook LIVE sessions, you can do so by liking myActiveSG Facebook page here.

And here are the pics! Hope you like them 🙂

Cos even not so young boys can dab. 🙂
Our girl of the moment jumping to new heights.
Gary’s classic pose.

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