Mission accomplished @ Celebratory Parade for Paralympians

I have to start off this post first by thanking God for blessing us and the organising team in many ways that were unexpected. The weather at the start of the day looked incredibly ominous and a thunderstorm had looked inevitable, yet not a single drop of rain came by the time the parade started.

This was one of our tougher FB Live assignments to date, with 3 locations to cover within a morning. But after a relatively drowsy start to the first session, we picked up the pace and energy levels grew as the day went on.

A special welcome to Jean Yong, our newest presenter on the block, and one of two new female presenters we have shortlisted to be part of our pool as Gary and I strongly feel that people are starting to be sick of watching our faces in every FB Live session, and also as the end of Kerstin’s internship isn’t too far away on the horizon.

The undoubted highlight for us today has to be the free tour we were given of the 50th floor of The Pinnacle @ Duxton by two of the residents staying there, whom we met at our final duty location. Needless to say, we made full use of the opportunity to unleash the inner camwhores within us. With a particular TeamSG athlete the guiltiest among our quintet. HAHA.

So another mission accomplished for Team DGT and friends, and we look forward to a short break from FB Live duties before our next biggie, WTA Future Stars week in mid October.

Enjoy some of the photos and videos from today!

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