‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Dare to Zlatan’

Worked on my first art piece(s) in over five months yesterday afternoon. That’s how much of a whirlwind the past half a year has been for me both at work and at home. Nonetheless if there’s anything my journey has taught me, it’s that some quiet time alone is always needed for us to reconnect with our true selves. There is a time to “do” and move things forward, just as there is a time to “be still” and listen.

Artist wannabe at work. Photo credit: Mom

Acrylic painting has developed into somewhat of a personal favourite activity of mine when it comes to quiet time, both for its therapeutic and meditative qualities. It’s amazing how once you’ve come to understand the deeper aspects of yourself and who you are created to be, that so many things in your mind all of a sudden become unlocked, as you transcend the understandings you had of yourself and of life, removing previous misinterpretations that often served to limit you instead of freeing you.

Getting the hard part out of the way, setting up my makeshift studio.

Similarly, whereas I always found it difficult in the past to sit still and was always strongly averse to praying of any sort, I’ve found art therapy to be a good way of complementing daily prayer. For the true meaning of praying unceasingly isn’t to kneel somewhere in silence throughout each day, but rather how we choose to collaborate with the spirit in each moment and opportunity to be life giving. Towards others but firstly towards ourselves. We can never choose to love ourselves enough.

The final touches to my latest acrylic painting piece.

And so it was a good few hours spent yesterday, a much needed respite and hopefully something to charge me for the crazy month of October ahead.

The acrylic painting piece I decided to call “Blue Moon”. At first I was a bit hesitant in doing so, as that is the name of the club anthem of arch rivals Manchester City, but it seems the most apt to describe this, where the water and skies meet on a blue evening.

First attempt in over 5 months. Somewhat rusty but satisfied with my attempt.

And so just to even things out, of course I needed something of a Manchester United flavour, and I spent the subsequent hour just before dinner sketching a portrait of United’s latest star striker signed this summer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic!  #DareToZlatan #IAmZlatan #Ibracadabra #GGMU #ManUtd

Here’s hoping United gets the win and the 3 points tonight against Stoke City!

Dare to Zlatan. Always.


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