Ending the week feeling like kids again @ *bleep bleep*

So it’s the end of another crazy week at work. Feeling in dire need of a breather, so the coming week where things are expected to be a lot slower moving (fingers crossed), is a much needed respite for yours truly.

At Kallang Wave Mall right after our LIVE session ended.

Last two days were a bit of a whirlwind and too much to be summarised into a simple blog post, so I will use photos (and videos) to help in my story telling. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t it?

Our team celebrated Gary’s and Jean’s birthday over team lunch yesterday, of which you can watch it here. I can’t reiterate enough how blessed I am to be working in the team I currently am, with people of very diverse personalities and backgrounds and yet where mutual respect and trust in our work as a team remains.

Our FB LIVE team did our own mini celebration for Gary Yang later on in the evening as well, but with no cake, so Kerstin and I had to improvise and got a muffin instead, with Sol providing the lighter. It went something like this…

Bdae surprise1.png
Surprise incoming…

Don’t ask me why he can eat without his arm being in the sling, apparently doc says it is stiff still but he is encouraged to move his arm whenever he can…

And then came that awkward moment when we tried to take a #wefie with our birthday boy but the man decided to do an “exit stage left” on us….. apparently to pick up his ringing phone at his desk?!?! Seriously?

Bdae surprise3.png
?!?!? Now now don’t be hasty…

Onto the FB Live assignment itself, we were initially afraid that we wouldn’t find anyone to play our mini games with us to win those autographed TeamSG water tumblers, but in the end we were actually approached even before we went LIVE by a family to participate, so we had to ask them to wait for us to go LIVE first. They ended up being our first participants on the show, which you can check out here!

And it isn’t the first time this has happened, with the assignment at the Paralympians Parade @ The Pinnacle being the other moment we were actually approached and told by people they follow our mini show… like hey! people do actually watch us and we aren’t doing this nonsense to amuse ourselves only. HAHAHA *morale booster* Especially when some of our own friends tell us they don’t bother watching our shows.

We weren’t sure who our game participant would pick for the “Challenge a Presenter to Juggling” for one of our mini games so for good measure all 3 of us did some practise in the afternoon in office LOL. Even I myself have been somewhat rusty having been out of action for so long.

Tiredness aside, yesterday’s assignment felt a lot more fulfilling than I expected it to be. Seeing the eyes of those children from ActiveSG Football Academy light up when we interviewed them really warmed my heart in a way it rarely experiences.

I’ve always believed that we find meaning in our work when it is an area that is aligned with our true self – our life’s calling, together with our talents and our passion. But yesterday’s experience made me realise at a deeper level that we derive even greater meaning in our work when we see the actual fruits of our labour benefit the wider community whom we are really working for at the end of the day.

Nonetheless, I’m glad this week is over. And now, to catch up on some much needed sleep! Goodnight world.

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