Painting ‘Le Roi’

So I decided to paint again yesterday. Yes, I know in previous posts I said I won’t have the time to paint again till November, but as it turned out I had a few hours to spare before dinner yesterday. And I’ve gotten so accustomed to whipping out my brush and canvas in recent weekends, that it felt like not doing so this time would be a crime.


On most days I would start off with an idea already of what I wish to paint. But this time it was different. It was as if someone or something was asking me to venture out of my comfort zone. I’ve gotten pretty okay at sketching people using pencil, thanks to the practice I had over the years in school whenever I was distracted in class. 🙂 But never have I painted a person. I am a virgin person painter. 😂


And so for the first time I opted not to paint roses, trees, parks, lakes or mountains. I told myself I wanted to paint someone confident, bordering on cocky and very sure of himself. And voila, it was as though the answer presented itself within seconds… Eric Cantona. Manchester United’s French football legend, who is still affectionately known by the Old Trafford faithful today as “Le Roi”, both for the charisma and magic he carried with him into every game, as well as his footballing talent. There hasn’t been a United player quite like him.


So here I am documenting the painful process of painting the legend. For base layer of paint to cover the entire canvas, I used Lamp Black, and blended in the rest of the background with Cadmium Yellow and Raw Umber to achieve the desired effect. I find Raw Umber a pretty versatile option for a lot of different paintings, but think I tend to overuse it a lot. For skin tone I used primary colours mixing in Titanium White, although I couldn’t get enough consistency across the board. And United’s red jersey is done using both Cadmium Red and Crimson Red.

Adding the final touches to Cantona’s red jersey.

I spent like 2 hours on his face alone because I kept getting it wrong on multiple occasions, but thankfully Acrylic Paint is the most forgiving of paints and I could repaint over it multiple times.

The final product. JY7’s first attempt at drawing a person.

I do realise the name on the back of his shirt appears a bit off. It is supposed to follow the contour of his shirt’s folds but somehow it looks senget. So I wasn’t surprised when my mom said “Oh look! You drew CARTONA!”

LOL. Oh well, I ain’t gonna change it any more. It does add a bit of an artistic feel to it I guess so all is good. 😊✌

Posing with my latest masterpiece. Photo credit: Dad

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