Day out with the Future Stars

And so arguably the toughest day of this week is finally over, and another milestone clocked for our SportSG Digital content team, although in truth our battles for these two weeks are still far from over. I know that from the perspective of people outside our team, it does seem like what we are doing is tonnes of fun.

Setting up the tennis cans for the morning’s Can Challenge with the WTA Future Stars.

But while I won’t deny that we do enjoy light moments in between, the truth is so much of the work we do has the potential to cause grief and frustration that would tear lesser teams apart. From relationship management with our stakeholders (both internal and external), to finding synergies and identifying the right mechanics for execution, the overall winning strategy never seems to be fixed, and all of this comes even before we are able to sit down to discuss storyboarding and execution of any kind for the various filmings we do. Yet the constantly evolving nature of our work seems to serve as the very glue that stitches our team’s little pockets of success together.

The WTA Future Stars is arguably one of the bigger projects our relatively new LIVE production team has worked on – but it has also turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding ones. From our two shoots in the morning with the Future Stars at Kallang Tennis Centre, to the Game Show Quiz on the Singapore Flyer in the afternoon, things moved like clockwork when the time to deliver eventually came. And while it wasn’t all perfect, it didn’t need to be. That’s the beauty of LIVE shows. Things are not mean to be perfect, but real.

SportSG Digital’s Facebook LIVE team clocks off the completion of another LIVE outing at Kallang Tennis Centre in the morning.

This particular point personally resonates with me a whole lot, as I find the same to be true about life. We were created for this world not to live the perfect life, but instead to grow in authenticity in who we really are. It turned out to be a hugely blessed and enjoyable day with the Future Stars, thanks to the One who constantly watches over us and who also blessed us with great weather and allowed our operations to move slowly. We were also very lucky to be able to work with a bunch of young tennis stars who are well grounded and neither arrogant nor spoiled despite their elevated statuses as the game’s future talents.

But more importantly I am proud to be a part of the collaborative effort that has seen our team’s content deemed as shareworthy by a brand name as internationally renowned as the WTA Finals, judging by the fact they shared two of our shows on their Facebook page yesterday. And I was also pleased to learn in the last two days that there are significant people in our community who appreciate our work, apart from the usual small group of our supporters out there.

Seeing our work gain some traction in the online space, with WTA Finals Singapore sharing our Facebook LIVE stream.


And so it’s three down, and two more to go for this week and the next. Do stay tuned to our page for more of our work coming up, and all I can say is thank you for your time in reading my posts, watching our shows, and even quietly supporting without making a sound in the comfort of your homes. Wishing everyone here the best, and may all of you be well always.



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