A Lord of the Rings day

Got down to another round of art jamming today, with a very clear theme for both pieces.

I have always been a big fan of LOTR ever since Peter Jackson’s film trilogy came onto the silver screen back in 2001, and though I’m nowhere near the amount of fandom I used to have back when I was still a 18 year-old, there is still an unspeakable magic that comes with it.

My first piece of the day is the iconic scene between Gandalf and Balrog in the Mines of Moria. A battle between light and darkness. Background of the canvas is a base of Lamp Black mixed with Raw Umber, with the flames enshrouding the piece brought to life using Cadmium Yellow and Red.

Fellowship on the mountainside in LOTR.

My second piece was that of the Fellowship of the Ring scaling the mountainside with the Misty Mountains in the backdrop. For this piece, Cobalt Blue, Titatnium White, and Lamp Black were the base colours used.

So another weekend of art jamming is over, and I am like super distracted right now cos I am concurrently watching the Chelsea vs Man Utd match which United are trailing 0-1. 😦

All set for another busy week at work, and then it’s off to Vietnam for a much deserved break! Looking forward.

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