Playing with the Stars


Our originally planned Facebook LIVE session during the WTA Finals week proper did not go exactly according to plan. In fact, the event changed significantly from the originally pitched idea we heard a couple weeks back, that having a FB Live session no longer made any sense, and hence we decided on a VOD instead and had to figure out other ways to make the activation work.

Martina Navratilova congratulates Nur Nabila, a SportCares youth who joined in the sparring session with her, thanks to the generosity of some donors. Photo: Sol Ami

Even during the activation itself our plans had to evolve on the go as we tried to obtain as much content as we could working around the limitations we faced both in planning and on the ground. Nonetheless, if there is something I’ve learned from events, it’s that change is the only constant, and we should never be overly attached to any fixed plan.

Such is the challenge of this part of our job that we need to learn to embrace this reality. Requests for our team to be activated at events for online marketing appears to be on the rise, but wisdom really is needed to discern the efficacy of its use in each scenario or whether it is even needed, as well as learning to balance our time to ensure we don’t suffer from burn out. Being thick skinned is also a must, and the persistence in not accepting no for an answer is something we need to start putting into practise.

Presentation to the Stars in session. Photo: Sol Ami

The Play with the Stars & Play for Change WTA Fundraiser benefiting SportCares event with WTA legends Martina Hingis and Martina Navratilova turned out to be a rather serious affair, something our team wasn’t very used to as most of our sessions have been nonsensical and humour based. So you can imagine how paranoid we were about crossing certain boundaries yesterday that could lead to some security officer appearing out of nowhere and wrestling us to the ground.

Sol kept trying to convince me and Gary that Martina Hingis was checking him out and we didn’t believe him, but look! LOL. Photo: Sol Ami

Nonetheless, not wanting to stifle our creativity, we decided to borrow some kids’ tennis racquets and balls from our Tennis Academy team and brought them into the practice courts hoping we could use them as props one way or another. In the end, we managed to squeeze them into the ending of our video, which you can watch here: 

As you can tell from the NGs video I have uploaded and embedded below, even in serious situations we can’t seem to keep a straight face. But then again, I guess we’ve learned that life is short, and that we should never take ourselves too seriously. 🙂

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