Team SportSG @ Sports Day 2016

The much anticipated Team SportSG Sports Day 2016 has come and gone. A rare highlight towards the end of an immensely tiring and draining year for me on a personal note, but a very timely one nonetheless.

Team Ninja Warriors!

Our house, Team Ninja Warriors, was one of 13 houses that took part in this year’s Team SportSG Sports Day. While it was much smaller in magnitude in comparison to the SSC 40th Anniversary Inter-House Games in 2013, which stretched over a course of 4 months with 16 houses and culminating in a finale @ Wavehouse, Sentosa, this was still a very commendable effort done on short notice that brought everyone together outside of work and raised spirits.

Below: Throwback to highlights of the SSC 40th Anniversary Inter-House Games in 2013.

For this I really have God to thank for a memorable morning, and the organisers from the SportSG Rec Club Sports Sub Comm – Yee Min and team for the smooth running of the event. Not to forget of course the excellent leadership skills of our house captain Gary Yang and vice-captain Pravin, and my fellow Sport ICs Sin Ting and Gina.

Our Ninja Warriors Captain’s Ball team went the furthest of the 4 competitions we participated in (the others being Tchoukball, Dragonboat, and Running Man), and our team was fortunate enough to go on a good run that saw us top our Group and overcome both SSI teams en route to reaching the final, before we eventually succumbed to Team ODDsome (SSI) in a re-match of the group stages 3-7.

Tchoukball, a lesser known non mainstream sport, but high in entertainment and skill level.

Looking forward to making the most of whatever highlights that remain in my stay here at SportSG, a place I hold many fond memories of.

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