Yeong siblings’ trip to the Land of the Rising Sun

So me and Ann are off on our maiden Yeong siblings trip to Tokyo for a week. It only recently dawned on us that while we have studied together for six years overseas, never in our lives have we done a trip together alone without friends or family members in the picture.

En route to Tokyo from Singapore.

It’s a trip I have been looking forward to for some time, and recent happenings at work made this an even more timely trip than I expected it to be. It promises to be an interesting week. 

On the JR Yamanote line of the Tokyo subway. Credit: Ann Yeong.

“Interesting” for lack of a better term to describe our relationship as brother and sister because you see, we have personalities that are almost poles apart, and our life experiences and influences over the years have seen us take vastly different paths to where we are today.

Mood shot of le sis.

Growing up it’s always been a love-hate relationship between us. Ann, 4 years my senior, would bully me from as young an age as I can recall and I often hated her for it, at times even retaliating in kind. She was the model straight ‘A’s student in school, head prefect and captain of the table tennis team. While me, let’s just say being good at academics and following the rules has never been my forte.

Graffiti under the bridge at Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Yet, at the same time, she has a knack for understanding me like no one else in this world does, and is often my go to person for advice or when I need a differing opinion.

Time – one of the most precious gifts we are given in this life. A view from our Air BNB apartment.

I guess one of the biggest blessings of our sibling relationship that has evolved over the years, is that having gone through her own painful journey of self discovery to understand authentic love, Ann no longer seeks to control or lecture me like she would in the past as an elder, wiser sibling. These days she is someone whom I know would never impose her thoughts or opinions on me, or force me to agree with her. 

I know in my heart that even when we differ on important life choices and opinions I would always still have her love and support no matter what. And I thank God for that and hope to learn to be more like her in this.

Anyway, enough of the frivolous chatter. This blog post is meant to document our trip in pictures, not some sappy sibling love story.

First dinner of the trip.

Day 2 of our trip, and Ann is falling sick already 😦 Our time out shopping today had to be cut short because she needed to catch up on some rest.

Pretty lights for my favourite time of the year – Christmas.

But I guess part of the beauty of this trip and life itself is in its unpredictability. So armed with journal and iPad in hand, it’s time to head to Starbucks for some me time while le sis gets her snooze. More updates to come in the coming days (time and mood permitting).

I’ve died and gone to red bean heaven! Smoothest red bean paste I have eaten in a long time! #justsaying
Paying my favourite outlet a visit. 😂
Doodling on my iPad Procreate app.
Shinagawa, Tokyo by night. Credit: Ann Yeong
Fall leaves in the city.

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