myActiveSG Festive Challenge complete

I cannot tell you guys how relieved I am that this project has finally come to a close. Unlike most of our previous filming and assignments that revolved around sports events promotion, the myActiveSG Festive Challenge is a brainchild of Gary Yang and I, based off a simple chat over tea break on a cool October afternoon at Kallang Wave Mall.

On the Ninja Warrior Spider Wall, obstacle number 8 of Bounce Singapore’s X-Park, en route to the finish line of the Challenge. Photo: Thomson Reuters

I think the conversation started not about work (as usual) – on the topic of TV Reality Series and Game Shows like Running Man and Ninja Warrior – before it evolved into how we can utilise the holiday season to produce some fun killer content to sustain momentum and garner interest in what is traditionally a lull period for our pages. And from there, the rest was history.

Team Singapore hurdler Kerstin Ong (right) in the exchange with Sin Ting for Team Gary. The myActiveSG Festive Challenge was done in relay format. Photo: Thomson Reuters

I won’t lie. Storyboarding and conceptualisation for this was fun and many creative ideas were thrown into the fray. But what we didn’t count on was the coordination of schedules and some obstacles we faced in getting the job done year end. Nonetheless we are incredibly thankful to partners Bounce Singapore for buying into our idea and throwing in some prizes for the contest, as well as Singapore Sports Institute for supporting this endeavour as well for our second episode.

Here I attempt the ‘Leap of Faith’ as part of the forfeit for the losing team. Photo: Thomson Reuters

That being said, when the teams finally came together for the shoot, it ran like clockwork. Chemistry on set I felt was good, considering that Laura and Randall (Team Nila), aren’t usually part of our usual clique. And I think I can speak for Gary as well when I say that the Reuters team surpassed expectations in their production of this series.

From action to cooking, in our festive cookoff in Singapore Sports Institute’s Nutrition Lab. Photo: Thomson Reuters

All in all, a great team effort. Looking forward to the next episode of our Reality Game Show Series and how it performs over CNY 2017, before deciding if we wish to extend this beyond the first two episodes.

Game master Sol (centre), has a word with the two judges Sin Hwee (left) and Cheryl on the performance of the two teams. Photo: Thomson Reuters

On a side note, I can’t believe I buckled in my month long fast from social media yesterday – right on day number 23 😦  But I guess Christmas is a time for forgiveness. And that includes forgiving myself for doing so! 😛

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