An early Lunar New Year special

*I get distracted in the first 3 paras, skip to para 4 if you aren’t interested in cheemology speak*

This year’s Lunar New Year feels somewhat different than previous years. Perhaps because it’s a season of change both in my organisation at work as well as in my personal life. A time of farewells to cherished colleagues and loved ones who have greatly impacted my life in one way or another as I turn a chapter.

It’s been said that sometimes the thing we are most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set us free, and I agree. For some time now, I’ve known what is being asked of me to do but I have been putting it off because I have yet to grow a set of real b***s to overcome my fears and embrace His invitation to develop my character and emotional strength. Instead I have hidden behind excuses, and clung onto people as my emotional crutches, fearing to let go due to my limiting beliefs and lack of faith that I will be well taken care of.


To be completely honest, the thought of entering a desert journey not knowing where to go, but with only blind trust that the Promised Land is on the other side makes me freak out and wanna scream at myself “Are you insane?” But I choose to remain hopeful, even without any friggin’ clue what to expect or who I will meet along the way, with only absolute faith that everything happens for a reason, that the people who are meant to stay in my life will still be there eventually, and I will come out on the other side of this journey transformed *cue dramatic music*. TA-DAH.

Anyway I’m getting super off topic. Today’s post is about myActiveSG Festive Challenge’s Lunar New Year edition! If you haven’t watched the final product on myActiveSG Facebook page, which has drawn over 12,000 views and over 150 shares to date *pats self on back for job well done*, you can watch our SportSG YouTube version embedded above.

This episode sees Team Gary and Team John try our hands at the culinary arts. Which I dare say we did a pretty good job, no small thanks to Randall in my team who really knows how to cook! Plus the fact that Kerstin is better versed at selfies and Christmas nail art than Chinese New Year cooking.

Game Master Sol (centre), flanked by our SSI Associate Sports Nutritionists Sin Hwee (left) and Cheryl.

Having gone through a hectic December period of shoots, we can now finally witness the fruits of our labour. I think back in October when me and Gary were conceptualising this Reality Game Show series we really did not know what to expect or how the series will be received.

Cookoff Reality Series_20161222_YLEE_04.JPG
A colourful spread of healthy and nutritious alternatives to the traditional use of ingredients for Yu Sheng/Lo Hei during the Lunar New Year.

But as with many great success stories out there, all innovations are usually the rewards of calculated risks, and daring to do rather than just letting a good idea sit and collect dust. And I’m so glad we decided to push things through with these 2 pilot episodes. Below is some B-roll and NG footage which was not used in the final video, sharing them here for your enjoyment.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience working and filming with the team – Gary, ST (who is leaving – sobz), Kers, Laura, Randall, Cheryl and Sin Hwee, as well as the Thomson Reuters team who met our expectations in bringing our ideas and storyboards to life. Special thanks to our Team Nila volunteer Randall Wu, who had to take leave from work on two days to accomodate our ever changing schedule.

It’s been fun working with this bunch, and though we won’t ever be working together again in this way, this series will be immortalised on social media and the memories will stay with me for a long time.

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