Thank you, everyone

Celebrate the little victories, they say.

Never have I imagined that being a small time influencer and part time blogger would become a necessary part of my job one day. But that has certainly become the case today, with the onset of digital evolution and the success of Sport Singapore digital team’s Facebook LIVE experimentation during GetActive! Singapore last year, which brought in numbers that eclipsed even that of several mainstream platforms for National Day.


Gary, Sol, and I made new friends at GetActive!Singapore last year where it all started. P.S.: Check out the steersman stoning at the back LOL.

Success as they say, breeds success. Which naturally meant the way our Digital content team went about doing our work would evolve and never be the same again post-August 2016. Goals and expectations have been set higher, greater audience engagement through organic reach means creative and compelling content and mechanics are now a must, and vanity metrics are a thing of the past with authentic long term conversions a requirement.

Though we are entering unchartered waters as no government agency has previously done what we are embarking on and attempting, it’s a prospect that leaves us both scared and excited at the same time.

Bringing on the first presenter to join our team post-GetActive! Guess who?

So this is just a little note to thank God first and foremost for everything. All my family, loved ones, and friends who truly understand the nature of my work, accept me completely for who I am, and have never judged me for it. And of course how can I forget my partner in crime Gary Yang, Singapore’s favourite Facebook LIVE presenter and handsomest man in Sport Singapore. We are in this s*** together, but while it can get crazy at times and expectations are growing on both of us to deliver, let’s have as much fun out of this as we can!

Also a big thank you to our digital bosses and colleagues for trusting us to deliver, and really empowering us with the creative freedom to lead a first time ever project with national athletes and volunteers. We are looking forward to the new digital transformation, and will certainly give our best at it while we still can.

On the set filming for ActiveSG Tennis Academy’s 101 series.

Here’s to more fun and exciting work, art, football, and travel content to come, as well as personal reflections on this blog – all coming your way, courtesy of JY7!

P.S. Do follow me on my new public profile Instragram account here (@potatopaikia) for exclusive behind-the-scenes content from our Sport Singapore filming and shoots. Optional for my close friends and family of course, I love you guys regardless of what you choose to do. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend! 

Akan datang. Starring the newest member of our team  @S.LowbutSteady



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