Filming of teaser for Get Active @ Sentosa

If there is one thing this past week has taught me, it is that resourcefulness is not simply a a matter of knowing and using what you have at your disposal, but an exercise of your will to make things happen when you know you have to deliver regardless of resources. Oh, and of how stereotypes can be formed more quickly than I’ve always believed them to. But we’ll get to that later.

Fresh out of camp from reservist, my team’s first major assignment this week was to promote ActiveSG’s offerings at Thrillogy at Sentosa over the March school holidays, which incidentally starts from this weekend. Following a quick brainstorm with our internal marketing and comms teams, we were tasked to execute two Facebook LIVE sessions next Wednesday and Sunday, as well as a series of teasers to help promote our week-long event together with partners Sentosa.

John Sentosa Thrillogy2
Customised promo poster for JY7 for Get Active @ Sentosa.

Given the short lead time, Gary and I only had yesterday to head down to the beach to come up with something. And as our usual crew and cameramen were either unavailable or had taken ill, we were left with no choice but to execute the task as a two-men production house – taking on the full works from pre-shoot to post-production, and I am pretty pleased with the results. Which brings me to my next point – stereotyping.

What would you think if you saw two guys dressed in beach wear heading down to the beach with a bunch of balls and props, but taking photos and videos of each other instead of actually really playing sports? As much as both Gary and I aren’t homophobic, we suddenly became acutely aware of our surroundings and the glances that were thrown our way.

Customised poster for Gary’s public profile page to promote the event.

This included a group of young ladies who borrowed our volleyball prop, probably happily thinking “let’s borrow the ball from this nice gay couple since they aren’t really using it to play volleyball.” It wasn’t the first time this stereotyping has happened either, the previous incident being at the 28th SEA Games in 2015 when two of our volunteers admitted to us post-Games that they initially thought we were an item. LOL. With Gary being the flamboyant one and me the gym rat. Err, thanks.

I will still take that as a compliment regardless, even though the reality about Singapore’s favourite Facebook LIVE presenter and myself is that we are both straight, with all due respect to our friends who aren’t, which I have several and who I really respect and appreciate.

On the topic of the shoot itself, we had scorching weather. While I have to thank God that it did not rain, my forgetfulness saw me bringing sunblock down to the beach only to forget applying it, leaving me to look like a lobster with uneven tan lines that resemble bra marks after the shoot.

And I also found out that someone who is soon hitting his mid thirties should probably not try to attempt as many bicycle kicks as I did, be it on sand surfaces or not. But we were left with no choice, as I am very rusty in the footy skills department, having stopped playing for so long. It took us quite a few takes before I could finally get a clean connection with the ball and put it into the back of the net. And since we didn’t have anyone else around to help us with tossing the ball, we had to take multi-tasking to the next level.


Anyway, have a look at the promo posters we have produced from the session, and enjoy the behind-the-scenes footage as well which I have put together. Keep your eyes peeled on the final teaser video which will be out next Monday on both myActiveSG’s facebook page and Sport Singapore’s YouTube channel.

And most important of all, if you are free next week, or you are a young family with kids and looking for fun stuff to do, head on down to Sentosa to support us and check out the exciting new offerings from ActiveSG. From beach football and beach tennis, to volleyball, ultimate (frisbee), outdoor adventure skills and the like, there is plenty for everyone’s tastes!

To see the full list of activities, visit this link here.

Test shot before the shoot.

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