More than just football on offer

So I had the privilege of having a sneak peek at what’s cooking in Kallang Wave Mall earlier this afternoon. As part of the overall celebrations of the inaugural Singapore Football Week, the mall’s atrium area, as well as OCBC Square and the Sports Hub’s Visitor Centre were given nice makeovers in line with the overall theme celebrating the beautiful game.

Sports table football, more popularly known as Subbuteo, is making a comeback at Singapore Football Week. 

While I had a general idea of what the offerings were beforehand, getting to see the full set-up for myself for the first time after it’s completed was still pretty impressive! All the more so when this was done in a very short period of time. Kudos to Hsin Ee, Laura, and the rest of the team behind the operations of this non-physical part of Singapore Football Week.

Going LIVE while playing FIFA17. I’ve never been the best at multi-tasking, and Kerstin and I lost to Samantha and Gary 0-1 eventually.

The main idea of these additional football themed activities is really to allow those who may not enjoy playing the sport or are unable to play to still be part of the overall festivities and to be able to be part of the football themed fun during the week. I am attaching this SGAG inspired meme here, for the benefit of those of you who haven’t seen it. 🙂


And so me, Kerstin, Samantha, and Gary weren’t disappointed at our earlier LIVE show (click here to view full video), as we managed a fore taste of what is to come for the participants for e-Football gaming, sports table football, and foosball games in the course of the coming week, in spite of the fact that not all booths were fully set up as yet.

First time playing FIFA for both Kerstin and Samantha. They both feel it can be pretty addictive.

Each of these games will run from tomorrow Tuesday, 25 July 2017 till Saturday, 29 July 2017, match day 3 of the International Champions Cup Singapore, and caters to both competitive and casual participants. Professional and top line gamers are also expected to come and compete in the respective football themed games over the course of the week. But if you are a general member of public who happen to be wandering the area, walk-ins are welcome too!

Posing with goofy magnifying glasses at Foosball post LIVE.

There are also quite a few very attractive prizes to be won by taking part in these games, not just for the competitive and professional category. To find out more, you do want to visit the full list of events and activities for Singapore Football Week 2017 available here.

There is also the small matter of 5 match day tickets for this Saturday’s Chelsea FC vs FC Inter match up for grabs if you share and comment on the LIVE video we did earlier this afternoon! So don’t forget to do so, and to hashtag all your football themed content this week with #SGFootballWeek (click to view social wall)!

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