JY7 Podcast #2 (part 1): What is a SportSG Ambassador?

This is a transcript of Podcast #2 that I made on Instagram: @potatopaikia, in which I shared my thoughts for the following question:

What is a Sport Singapore (SportSG) brand ambassador, and how can I apply for it?

My answer: The SportSG brand ambassadors is a group of individuals comprising national athletes (past and present), active citizens, sports volunteers, content creators, and those who generally have a passion for promoting sports events and a healthy lifestyle in Singapore.

The individuals in this group have been identified as people who have a significant amount of influence both on social media as well as in the community, and who embody SportSG’s values and key narratives.

The initiative is not open for public application as identified individuals are hand-picked, and the first season of SportSG brand ambassadors is coming to a close at the end of May 2018.

The second season of SportSG ambassadors is expected to kick-off in June 2018, with 10-12 new faces joining the team, including several high profile athletes, sports personalities and fitness enthusiasts expected to join the team.

SportSG is also expecting to announce a Live Active ambassador initiative during the second half of 2018, in which all members of public who are active on social media and live an active life are welcome to join. More details will follow.

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